We design simple and comprehensive solutions aimed at the development of practical and simple ethics schemes in the organization, as well as of high regulatory complexity. We focus in establishing specific results, such as improving the ethics environment and work atmosphere, improving the efficiency of the organization and reducing tendencies to fraud.

We provide consultancy and planning of investigations of legal tenor, as well as legal counsel in issues related to relationships between the organization and its employees, clients and suppliers and the regulatory framework applicable before a labour-related irregularity or contingency.

Our Services

We study the case in particular, carrying out a survey of the existing ethical framework.

Development of a Code of Conduct/Ethics.

Design and delivery of training courses on organizational conducts and behaviours, transparency and integrity.

Design of the Plan of Action to implement ethics programmes.

Development of Protocols to avoid Sexual and/ or Workplace Harassment.

Planning, set-up and maintenance of reporting lines following international standards.

We carry out compliance audits of comprehensive compliance programmes.